Half scale blocks are a great way to practise your pattern cutting skills. They’re perfectly proportioned, just in miniature so that you can test your ideas and use less paper while you do it!

Both the Bodice and Skirt half scale blocks come as a PDF file which is printable on an A4 printer at home. The only piece you’ll need to stick together is the Bodice block sleeve, which makes them easy to print and use!

I use my half scale blocks in lots of my tutorial videos and classes.
If you want to see them in action you can head over to my youtube channel, Instagram or have a look at my latest online class “Pattern Cutting and Making for Beginners: Skirts” on Skillshare.

I’ve made these blocks a free download because I love working with them and I know how valuable the freedom that they give beginner pattern cutters is. I can’t wait to see what you create with them so please tag me on social media or email me photos of your pattern cutting and making experiments!

Please remember that since these blocks are meant for experimenting and practising techniques they are just in one standard size and do not have any grading.


  1. Ada Cristina


  2. Felecia

    Great idea for draft garments.

  3. Ogale Regina

    Great idea for pattern drafting

  4. Elizabeth

    Great thanks ….

  5. Ogo

    So good

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