For those who prefer to learn in the comfort of their own home, an online pattern cutting class is the answer! 

Live Zoom Pattern Cutting Classes

This Class takes place via zoom and is totally live and interactive! 
The recent worldwide lock down has left many people missing the atmosphere and fun of a group classes, myself included! 

Each class lasts a few hours and is a small group of fellow students (no more than 10 per class)
I do the demo’s live and and you can follow along at your own pace and stop me to ask any questions. Just like a normal “in-person” class!

If you would like to see what students had to say about the live T-shirt drafting zoom class then you can find their reviews here.

Skillshare Online Pattern Cutting Classes

Pattern Cutting For Beginners: How to Draft Your Own Skirt Block

At the moment I offer online pattern classes through Skillshare, a great website which I use regularly for a wide variety of classes! They are created in a way to make them easy to follow and at your own pace, but if you have any questions please do not be afraid to comment or email me with them!
If you follow this link to sign up to skillshare you’ll get 2 months for free!

In this online pattern cutting class you’ll learn how to create a skirt block based on your own measurements. You’ll learn how to trace it off, add seam allowance and even how to fit it!
It’s a great place to start your pattern cutting journey.

Pattern Cutting For Beginners: How to Draft Skirt Patterns

In this online pattern cutting class you’ll learn how to turn your skirt block into a a huge variety of different styles!
We’ll start with covering some basic dart manipulation techniques and how to create gathers and pleats. 
From there I’ll walk you through how to draft a number of different skirts including:
1. A-line skirt
2. Pleated skirt with a yoke
3. Skirt with gathers and rotated darts
4. Skirt with grown on godets

This is the perfect class for anyone who has drafted their block and now wants to turn it into something truly unique! 

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