Live Online Pattern Cutting Class

Live Online Pattern Cutting Class - How to Draft a T-Shirt Pattern

In the last few weeks  taking an online pattern cutting class has become the new normal for anyone wanting to keep learning through isolation. 
We’re all missing meeting up for our lovely classes and socialising with other like-minded people who share our interests and hobbies. So it only felt natural to try and re-create that atmosphere and interactive environment in a virtual setting! 
Cue, teaching on zoom! 

My first live zoom online pattern cutting class is titled “How to draft a T-shirt pattern” and is pretty much what it says on the tin.
You’ll learn how to draft an easy fitting T-shirt and you’ll leave the class with a fully drafted pattern ready to cut out and sew, and I promise you, it’s the comfiest T-shirt I own!

In the class we’ll go through step by step how to draft a T-shirt pattern using nothing but a couple of your own measurements. 
I know measuring can be a pain if you’re on your own so if you’re struggling to measure yourself then I can give you some standard measurements from a standard measurement chart.

We’ll create a long sleeve and a short sleeve and finish the neckline with a separate neck trim which we’ll also draft. Once we’ve drafted the pattern we’ll trace it off, add seam allowance, notches and label it all correctly. 

It’s important to remember that while we’re at home learning new skills and trying to make sense of this strange new world, our amazing health care professionals are out on the front line facing this pandemic and keeping us safe. 
That’s why I’m donating 10% of the profits from this class to a NHS charity that will put it to good use supporting those invaluable health care workers. Thank you NHS! 

nhs donation

I’m really keen to teach this class and connect with students from around the world. Just as I know fellow sewists are keen to reconnect with the community and continue to learn from home. 

To keep the class intimate and give us all enough space to chat and ask questions when we need to, I’m putting a maximum of 10 people per class limit on them. 

live pattern cutting class

So How Does It Work?

Once you book your place on my website, you’ll receive a confirmation email from me with all the details about the online pattern cutting class that you’ll need to prepare and join the class!
In the email will be a link to the zoom website where you can sign up (for free) and download the app.
Also in the email will be a link for the zoom class (they call it a meeting so don’t be confused by this) and all you need to do is click it when the time comes and it will automatically open the app and bring you into the meeting. Just like Magic! 

You’ll need to have your video and audio enabled and we should all be able to see and hear each other. After some quick introductions we’ll get cracking with the draft and you can stop my demos at any point to ask questions. 

The class will last 3 hours and we’ll have a quick break in the middle for tea/snacks/loo/general chatting.


What You'll Need:

live pattern cutting class
I know some of you might not be at your usual home/studio space and might be lacking in some equipment. In an ideal world you need all of this equipment but if you don’t have some then that’s OK, The most important items that you 100% need are the top 5.
     Ideally you need: 
  • Computer (PC or MAC) or phone to connect via video and audio to the class
  • Free Zoom app
  • Pattern ruler or grading ruler (pattern master, pattern shaper, set square, french curve etc are all great!)
  • Pattern paper or something similar
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Metre ruler (not essential but it will help!)
  • Pattern Notcher (not essential but it will help!)
  • Tracing wheel
  • Notebook & pen
  • Paper scissors
  • Body measurements: BUST, Cross-back, Neck circumference, Armhole depth, Nape to waist (If you can’t measure yourself then I can give you measurements from a standard measurement chat instead)

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