Shoben Pattern Shaper Ruler

As a daily user of the Pattern Master, I was pretty excited to discover that Shoben has released a new tool called the Pattern Shaper that is an update of it! 
The Pattern Shaper is like the smaller, brighter version of the pattern master that we always wanted! 


pattern shaper

Some quick notes comparing the Pattern Shaper to the Pattern Master:

1. It’s YELLOW! Making it super easy to find on a busy pattern cutting table

2. It’s smaller – both in length (2cm-ish) and width, making it easier for carrying around between classes/clients/daily life

3. It still has the mirrored measurements on the straight edge but now also has an additional set of consecutive measurements along that edge too!

4. It still has lines spaced at 0.5cm increments but ALSO has a line at 0.7cm which is amazing…I bought another ruler that I use specifically for this so now I won’t have to carry 2 rulers with me! WIN!

5. It has button holes in sizes 14L to 44L, also a great addition!

6. The curve is different…(maybe this is the shape of the french curve, I’m not sure as I don’t use one?) but it’s much nicer for hips!

7. The only negative point that I have is the weird step on the edge which makes it less effective for armholes. But this is pretty easy to get around

pattern shaper

All in all I’m really impressed with this new tool! It’s a perfect update from the Pattern master which solves all the small criticisms that I had of it. The Pattern Shaper is easy to use, easy to find and even though it’s smaller than the pattern master it is packed just as full of useful bits and bobs! 

You can buy your Pattern Shaper here for only £18.60 which is a bargain considering that the pattern master usually comes in between £30 and £40 depending where you buy it!


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