5 quick and easy bust dart rotations

You’ve got you head around this whole slash and spread thing as well as how to pivot a dart…Welldone! That’s the hard part done!
Now it’s time to start playing around with your new skills.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while you’re having fun rotating those darts all around…

  • make sure your dart goes all the way to your natural bust point
    (rotating a dart that's been set back will mean your shaping is in the wrong place!
  • try to have a design or sketch of what you're trying to achieve before you start manipulating your block
  • if you're rotating more than one dart then do it one at a time to keep it tidy

To get you started I’ve put together 5 styles that are all very different but all require only basic dart manipulations. Have a go at creating them without my help or follow along with me as I demonstrate how to achieve them in my step-by-step video below!

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